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Helping Your Kids Explore, Growth & Learn.

Why Not Kids Inc, an organization that will help kids,  young  youth and families in low income neighborhoods, get out of poverty though work force, and educational programs, as well as community, economic, Empowerment Resources. We Are Committed To Our Communities For The Long Haul, By Assisting Individuals, and families in Achieving Self-Sufficiency. Our Services Will Enable Kids To Achieve Success In All Aspects Of Their Lives.

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Growing Futures, One Smile at a Time
Taking care of your child

Extensive knowledge base for a child

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Philosophy & Mission.

We Are Committed To Single Parent, Male Or Female, With Low Income Who Have Challenges Finding Family Members, Friends, Or Co Workers To Monitor Their Kids While They Goes To Work.
We Wanted To Provide Kids, Teens With A Safe Structured And Healthy Environment, Where They Can Do Homework, Participate In Activities That Enrich Them And Enchance Their Learning Skills.
They Will Have A Chance To Become An American Boys And Girls Scout To Meet Other Scouts Socialize, Learn Knotts Making, Have Fun And Be Able To Become A Leader.

A developed child is our mission

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  • 15 Years of work
  • 10 Teachers
  • Official education
  • 5 Classrooms
Taking care of your child

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Cameron Williamson

Director of school

Kristin Watson

Early development

Ronald Richards

Programming teacher

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Conyers, Georgia

Mon-Friday: 7:00am – 6:30pm
Kid Pickup: Before 6:00pm


(229) 299-2777